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Kiwi Xpress

Sunday, February 26th, 2006

One thing I love more than Japanese food is fusion food. Why? Because we all get to choose from a variety of food. Kiwi Xpress offers selections of western food and local food. The ambience is good if you are looking for a place to hang out and relax. They also offer varieties of sandwiches and cakes for your eyes only! The cakes are not too great but hey! we are there only for the main course right? They also have set menus priced at RM29.90++ which includes soup of the day, the main dish (6 types of servings to choose from), kiwi juice and dessert.

If you think that set deals are too pricy, you can go for the local delicacy such as nasi lemak ayam which is priced at RM8.90++. Food there are perhaps slightly higher than what you can get outside because Kiwi Xpress not only sells food, but they also sell the cooling ambience.

Lemon Tea

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Saturday, February 25th, 2006

Earlier this week, I went to a Japanese buffet restaurant located at One Utama, New Wing where you get to indulge in all sorts of Japanese cuisine. Food here are offered at a reasonable price. There lots of varieties of food offered from starters right up to appetizers.

They offer the basic tempura range, tepanyaki to chicken marinated in teriyaki sauces. They also offer lots and lots of salmon fish, oyster and soft shell crab. The soup are from the usual miso soup, beef soup to shark’s fin soup! However, there is only a limited range of sushi to select from if you are a sushi fan. If you are going for the appetizers, you can choose from a wide, and I mean wide, range of ice-cream flavours. Fruits there are also fresh. The price is definately worth paying for because… there are lots of crabs, shrimps and oysters!

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PAngkor Curry Fish Head Restaurant

Friday, February 24th, 2006

“Pangkor Curry Fish Head Restoran, 59, Jln SS24/8, 47300 Taman Megah, PJ (opposite Fatty Crab)…. popular for the curry fish head, this is an alternative to Fatty Crab customers who couldn’t get seats. This place has more variations and options for crabs than Fatty Crab ie. marmite, sour spicy, kam heong, etc. Other offerings are nice too eg. pork ribs and prawns. However, the service here is slow though at peak hours ie. an hour of waiting.”


I never been to this place. Once again, it’s sent in by a web visitor. Thankz to him !~ However, No pricing has been mentioned. Anyone know howz the pricing like ?