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Chinese New Year Gift

Friday, January 13th, 2006

Recently I bought 2 bottle of bird nest from a friend of mine and it was marvelous. The quality of the bird nest are 100% pure and best of all, it’s easy to cook with just 3 simple steps.

Step1 : Open a bottle of bird nest
Step 2 : Cook or boiled it
Step 3: Ready to be served.

No hassle of cleaning up the bird nest anymore. The bird nest are already cleaned and is ready to be cook or boiled. So folks, it’s a good suggestion to get a bottle of bird nest as a gift for your relative or friends for this coming Chinese New Year!

Bird’s Nest Bottle Packaging

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Old Town Kopitiam

Wednesday, January 4th, 2006

While i was still a young kid, my grandpa used to bring me to a old chinese kopitiam to have coffee in the morning. I still can remember the smell of the coffee, the toasted bread with butter kaya and the half boiled egg! yum yum!

few months back, my obelad gf brought me to this Old Town Kopitiam. We had our tea time there. The environment and ambience is good, clean and tidy. It really give me the feel of going back to the old chinese kopitiam where my grandpa used to have tea with me. We ordered a toasted bread, white coffee and mix ice. The quality of the food is just nice, and the price is reasonable or may be i would say it’s affordable.

If you have no where to hang out during the saturday evening, then you may consider Old Town Kopitiam. It’s really a nice place for you to relax after the heavy workload.

French Toast

Xi Mut Milk Tea

Ice Lemon Tea

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New Paris

Wednesday, January 4th, 2006

New Paris … I guess it’s already a household name for the KL-rian! Located in SS2 and start operating at 5.30pm daily, this restaurant is always filled with large crowds. It’s well known for it’s extremely fast service!

Deep Fried Squid

If you ordered two to three dishes, usually it’ll be served in not more than 10 minutes … im not very sure how they manage that, but im 100% sure that they’re well-known for this service!! They have quite a variety of food, among the best one is deep fry squid (my all time favourite), watermelon chicken, curry steam fish, marmire pork chop … etc

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