Seoul Garden


First time trying the Korean Hotplate Steamboat and it was really superb!! Im not sure whether they have branch in KL but i’ve heard b4 that they have in S’pore.

What really amazed me is the spice they used to marinate the chickens, beef, lamb as well and not to forget their squid. Wide range of food no doubt … the picture taken were just part of the stuff … the remaining is ice kacang (self-service), cendol, ice creams, fried korean snacks … Besides, the sauces they made compliments the bbq meat nicely!!

Hotplate Steamboat


A tip for u is, don’t go during lunch or dinner hour, u’ll end up lining up outside with hunger pangs … the tantalising smell generated makes u hungry to the max! Another good point is they provide very fresh food …

Food choices I

Food choices II

Food choices III


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36 Responses to “Seoul Garden”

  1. ahkwong Says:

    Aiyo, look very nice wo, if got chance hv try 4 it! Compare to Phone Restaurent, which 1 nicer?

  2. grace Says:

    phone rest. is nothing compared to seoul garden … their marinated beef and squid especially is superb to the max!!

  3. daniuseah Says:

    seoul garden already in sg various shopping ctr for years . it was quite good when it open nowaday the price drop to 16.99 at weekday ..sorry to tell u the quality at woodland branch i visit have drop . long time since i go there ..would rather eat at crystal jade.

  4. grace Says:

    i wonder why malaysia just have one branch (as far as i know) …. korean food is quite poopular over here … just don’t know why … mayb should go for a franchise

  5. wilson choo Says:

    there are two seoul gardens in penang – one is in Gurney Plaza, and another is in Auto-City (near the Juru Toll @ North-South Highway).

  6. shaferul Says:

    hi there people,

    just wanna know if it is halal or not…?
    dont see any signs there…

  7. neillee Says:

    never try it b4……maybe someday….thanks for the info

  8. VoidWalker Says:

    Anyone know where is it located in penang and how do i get to there. thanks

  9. dura Says:

    got phone number ah??
    want to make reservations….

  10. dura Says:

    it is located at gurney plaza..basement in front of food court..

  11. win Says:

    how to go there? can give me the address for seoul garden? Plz..

  12. acpy Says:

    i was wondering if seoul garden have their website? how come i cant find any? by the way.. there is one in malacca here.. in mahkota parade.. just to let u noe…

  13. Patrick Tan Says:

    Hi guys… mayb this will help
    Seoul Garden
    170-B1-32A, Gurney Plaza, Penang
    Tel: 604-229 8559
    Opens: Daily from 11.30am-10:30pm

  14. Patrick Tan Says:

    Its posted in Gurney Plaza website that Seoul Garden have Special Berbuka Puasa set. So I suppose its halal =>

    Special Buka Puasa Deal

    ยท50% DISCOUNT for 4th diner (UP: RM19.99 ++ onwards)
    * Valid from Monday to Friday only
    * Valid for Adult Buffet only* Other terms & conditions apply

    Hope the info above helps….CHEERS!

  15. SHIKIN Says:

    CAn anyone advise me as how to obtain Seoul Garden franchise?

  16. Grace Says:

    Hi SHIKIN,

    I think probably you can approach the boss straight as the two Seoul Garden in Penang, I heard are the same boss …. I’m interested to know how to. Please keep me updated ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. lyen Says:

    wat is the adult price 4 dinner time?students cn gt Rm16.99 for dinner ,rite?

  18. lyen Says:

    cn u gv me the phone no of malacca seoul garden?

  19. Grace Says:

    Hi lyen,

    I’m not aware that malacca has a branch for seoul garden ๐Ÿ˜› Sorry …

    HOwever, the price is somewhat around 30++ if I not mistaken.

  20. SHIKIN Says:

    Hi Grace,
    Need to contact Seoul Garden (zingrill) in Singapore. Good luck!

  21. kiera Says:

    seol gardenn is so delicious! ive been there during the fasting month, full of people!

  22. joewin Says:

    hey grace,
    where is the seoul garden restaurant? ever since visiting korea in 2001, my family have enjoyed their food very much.

  23. Lets Says:

    anyone know the adult price 4 dinner time @ Auto-City Seoul Garden?

  24. Martin Yao Says:

    They have a branch in 1Utama New Wing.

    Was choosing between Seoul Garden and Shogun and finally chosen Shogun the other day.

    Will go with my friend to try out Seoul Garden 1 day… yum yum yum…

  25. Samantha Says:

    is seoul garden selling “Halal” food means pork free?a friend of mine asking so cos she will be having dinner with a Malay aunt.By if I am not mistaken,it’s pork free..right?

  26. sogua Says:

    Smantha: according to Patrick, they are offering special buka puasa set. so may be u can give them a call.

  27. Alfian Abdul Halin Says:

    Hi all…

    just would like to give some points about the Halal (or some spell it Halaal) thinggy.
    as many of you might know, Halal means food or any other consumables that Muslims can… well, consume…
    according to the rules of their religion, Islam.

    For starters, of course halal means pork free ๐Ÿ™‚ But it goes beyond that.
    Besides pork, there are also other animals and food-ingredients that are non permissible.
    Some examples are:

    1) Pork derived products (and also of course dog derived… but not to worry as not many people eat dogs (openly) in Malaysia… heard of a place in the darker sides of KL that did this… but maybe just an urban legend)… or any hybrid or clones from either 2 what soever ๐Ÿ™‚

    2) Alcohol … there is some literature/scientific Islamic research that allows a certain percentage of alcohol in medicine. But I am not sure whether its allowed at all in food. From what I know, alcoholic beverages, and coking wine etc, are not halal (haram is the opposite of halal, just FYI)

    3) Animals (including cow, sheep, chicken etc.) that are not slaughtered the Islamic way… basically, to be halal, the
    slaughtering process must have…:
    a) The person doing the slaughtering must be Muslim
    b) Must follow the rules of slaughtering, whereby the two main veins (called halkum and merih in malay… not sure bout
    the English translations) must be severed
    c) In a pure environment where the animals do not come in contact with pigs or dogs…

    4) The food in question must be prepared using permissible ingredients and the correct way:
    a) Ones not containing non halal derived elements (e.g. pork derived, or even cow (or any other halal animal) derived
    where the animal was not slaughtered the Islamic way)
    – For example… the use of animal (e.g. COW) gelatin in some sweets etc. If the cow was slaughtered the Islamic
    way, and then gelatine was derived from it… then it should be OK ๐Ÿ™‚

    Well, basically that’s what pops out of my head at the moment ๐Ÿ™‚

    If anyone has any further comments, you can always post a reply ๐Ÿ™‚ or even email me at
    alfianupm AT gmail DOT com ๐Ÿ™‚

    Ok. Cheerios!

  28. kebab Says:

    It’s stated HALAL , no pork served but how the food is processed (E.G: chickens slaughtered by muslim) or the ingredients that goes innit stays UNCLEAR. Just don’t hesitate and you’ll be fine. I’ve been to Seoul Garden at One Utama, The food is great but the place seems crammed at peak hours, the arrangement of tables maybe. The Buffet during ramadhan is great, they never ran out of fresh supplies. Altough the day that i went there, the Ice Kacang (A.B.C) machine didn’t work at all and to make things worst they left the abc condiments and ingredients on the dressing table just for you to see. ๐Ÿ™ i got creatved and eat my ice cream with kacang, jagung and cendol instead of actual blended ice.

  29. kebab Says:

    They do have a website

    Here’s the branch and its numbers in MALAYSIA:

    TEL: 604-501 9339
    FAX: 604-501 9338


    LOT C1.27 & D1.26 GRD FLR
    59200 KUALA LUMPUR
    TEL: 03-2283 1888, 012-609 7385

    TEL: 03-7722 1339, 012-609 7385

    PLAZA GURNEY, 170-B1-32A
    TEL: 016-462 3731

    TEL: 606-281 8559

  30. auni Says:

    hey ppl out there..
    i am a practise islam…
    at first, i went wif my friends i’m a bit curious, hwever, my sis told me dat d food there r halal…
    instead if u go to gurney plaza,penang outlets, at the counter you can see big halal logo dat is given by the malaysia..
    so far, i’ve known and seen dat…
    if u all overheard about d halal matter, plz inform me…

    i hope dis piece of information might help u regarding dis matter..

    thax n bubbye…

  31. rozy Says:

    Cannot wait to dine in this wednesday
    my wedding annivesary lunch

  32. Willia Nordwall Says:

    haha โ€ฆ the one who is posting the comments ๐Ÿ˜€

  33. Callie Hua Says:

    Howdy, your site is on air in the radio! Good job mate. Your posts are truly great and bookmarked. Regards

  34. faezal Says:

    i ran across this website:
    it seems that Seoul Garden at Plaza Gurney in Penang serves pork. it is kind of confusing how the same brand restaurant have different halal status, and serves different food..

  35. Lepixie Says:

    hi faezal, i’m sorry but i think you’ve got some wrong info up there ๐Ÿ™‚
    the link that you gave us were talking about a completely different restaurant. Gurney Plaza’s Seoul Garden is halal, the certificate is from Jakim. The one that serves pork is another restaurant with the same name (but not of the same branch); it is at Sunrise Tower. Hope this helps ๐Ÿ™‚

  36. Sha Says:

    Hi guys, about the Halal status, I’ve checked it in Jabatan Hal Ehwal Agama Islam Pulau Pinang (JAIP), the status is Seoul Garden received Halal Certificate and the cert valid until this 30 January 2011. If you want to check it on your own, here is the link

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