Yuen Buffet Steamboat


Namely “Yuen” Buffet Steamboat, it’s a right place to go if u’re looking for cheap, tantalising, and varieties in buffet steamboat!

Mix Soup Steamboat

They served tomyam and normal vege soup as the steamboat base. You can asked for a mix (as depict in the picture) or only one. I don’t quite like the tomyam soup base probably it’s not the “thai style tomyam” which is spicy and sour. This is what i called the “chinese tomyam”! :>

They have a variety of vegetables, chicken meat, squids, fish balls, beef balls, whatever balls, u name it, n …. many many more …. They even have escargo. The most famous dish here is their HONEY CHICKEN WING! To get a bite of it, you have to be really alert, as the moment it’s served, sight of ppl rushing to it will be seen! :> It is a must that you have a taste of it when u visit this buffet steamboat restaurant. If you miss it, u’ll have to wait for the next round.

On top of that, they provide desserts as well, some local “kuih”, fruits and also some ice-cream! You’ll have a really complete meal here, No regrets for sure!

They open only for dinner time. I would prefer making reservation if i decide to go on weekends for late dinner. As it’s always very pack as early as 5.30pm. Their peak hours which is from 7pm-9pm, you most proably have to queue up outside tb4 getting a seat and mind you, it’s a long queue :>!

After the meal, you possibly can drop by Sunway Pyramid to have a movie! or i would rather suggest that you have a movie first b4 you have your dinner. As you’ll definitely have a bursty tummy!


Honey Chicken Wing

All sorts of “balls”

Vege & Noodles

Squids, Flower Crab, Chicken … etc

Table of food

p/s: Yuen Steamboat located at Sunway. Opposite Sunway Pyramid, near the Projet Petrol Station, opposite a shop tat buy those 2nd hand product (i think it’s name is Junk Garage or sth like tat).

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40 Responses to “Yuen Buffet Steamboat”

  1. boo_licious Says:

    Wow! Seems to be steamboat week as I just came from a Penang blog that had steamboat too. Escargots!? How do they serve that?

  2. grace Says:

    well, u can eat it raw if want or u want boil it in the soup!

  3. Erik Tan Says:

    Well I had the one Subang Jaya SS 15/4C , Its call OceaN Pulau Ketam Steamboat… Wow their Porridge Steamboat is ….. HeAvenLy!!!!
    Crab is Good too… And their special made chili sauce….. DiVine Combination….

    For those who dun know whats Porridge Steamboat… I recommend you try this one..

    Call them for reservation if going on weekends, very packed there sia
    Call 012 2269131 look for Nicole for reservation.

  4. Erik Tan Says:

    I forgot to say it is only RM 12 per head very affordable

  5. soohk Says:

    Looks like a lot of variety to me…

  6. grace Says:

    erik, is it buffet style? whr u have lotsa choices?

  7. erik Tan Says:

    Hi Grace,
    I am afraid it is not buffet, but more like a set menu for RM 12 per head.

    Look out in Media focus. Think they got a free items or promotion going on!!

    Well if you have any comments, can write to me via email.

    Call it advertising if you want. I am a Food connosieur. I was looking in Googles too for other reviews of other Porridge Steamboat Restaurant available in M’sia. Was to lazy to type, so I just copy wat I type in the 1st place. Merely sharing my experiences of this fave steamboat with everyone out there….

    Erik Tan

  8. donkey Says:

    the yuen steamboat boss just move to this new place u mention ni heard he bought the whole shoplot . the teriyaki chicken wing is the most popular dish there. its open at lunch also for your infor.its open even on cny n public holiday .their seafood -crab were quite lousy. ppl go there for the teriyaki chicken wing .now the shoplot were 2storey so i think u can get a place to seat unlike the old place .cheers

  9. grace Says:

    Hi donkey, the 2 storey shop lot nv really help in easing the crowd though it can accommodate more!! The other day when i went, still there’re so many ppl queueing up !! Just avoid peak hour :>

  10. donkey Says:

    i found the food there ok n a lot of people goes there for the teriyaki chicken wing .the place was introduce by my ex gf .she will patronise it at least once every two month.but i do enjoy the ais cream more the seafood were lousy .not suitable for people on diet.
    weekend better not go its very crowd.i never seen a eating place where the customer will mill around for seat outside .soon the boss will take over the shop next door if this goes on.u might want to go after 10 when the crowd is not so much

  11. Erik Tan Says:

    So have you guys tried OCean yet? Share your views with me to se whether I am good in my jugdement… I still the Ocean is better than Yuen.. especially their Porridge. Only thing I like in Yuen is their Pork chop

  12. irenecoconut Says:

    the chicken wings are so nice… really really nice
    we have to rebut to get that….
    Oh my GOd, is really really nice lah ….the best ever…
    tomyam sop also not bad….
    foods also nice…
    nice place…..

  13. bayi Says:

    only drawback is the place is always fully patronised and if you are late, you have just got to wait like the others in front of the shop. yes, their honey chicken wings are one of their better signature dishes.

    worth the wait though.

  14. ivy Says:

    i just want to know is it yuan limited 2 hour per table on weekend….
    i just hear my friend last time they eat at yuan n the boss tell them only got 2 hour for them to dining here, so is it the true???

  15. Grace Says:

    as far as i remember, there’s no such rules ! i go thr quite often and i’ll be thr at least 3 or 4 hours ….

  16. tag Says:

    no time limit for eating there unless its close to closing time. for example if u go there at 10 p.m. u have about 2 1/2 hrs to eat b4 they close at 12.30. on public holiday sometimes they extend closing time. maybe ur firned went late near closing time

  17. Coffeecraz Says:

    tis is juz one of those many steamboat restaurants around… i like steamboat… but boring of the normal chicken soup or tomyam…

    my 2cents worth of comment:
    try the soya bean soup for steamboat… nothing great but something different… in Sunway oso…
    try the pork bone soup for steamboat… available in Pudu….

  18. EatKING Says:

    Or Bak Kut Teh for Steamboat , tried it once in Cheras areas, not bad

  19. HiHoFai Says:

    Seems promising enough…
    is it worth the value of it if compare to other places?
    n what is the special in this place beside the chicken wing?

  20. joseph Says:

    hey.. anybody know “yuan” have any gov charges or service charges?

  21. Lala Says:

    May I have this restaurant telephone cos I wan making reservation?Thanks.

  22. Orangezz Says:

    Help needed…I would like to make a reservation too…
    any idea of where can I get the restaurant telephone??

  23. Sy Says:

    Orangezz : hey i happened to have the phone number 03-5637 5825 or 016-208 6678

  24. tan Says:

    may i know the address for the soya steamboat in sunway

  25. yong Says:

    can i ask for whr is location of soya bean steamboat? reservation required?

  26. licen Says:

    may i know where is this yummy buffet is?

  27. SoGua Says:

    opposite sunway pyramid, there is a road to go in Projet Petro station, near tat area.

  28. WaYne Says:

    well..today i will go to eat…duno nice or not…
    i wan some place nice suround and surely de food must many choice and delicious lar..
    then see how it will be..

  29. vayanis Says:

    the honey chicken wings are rarely available 30 seconds after a new batch has been put on the tray.

    Yes, you have to wage war to get it…

    got video proof of it too…

  30. Grace Says:

    Hi Vayanis,

    Do you have the video uploaded anywhr? POssible for us to link it to? thx 🙂

  31. Martin Leondro Says:

    Hei… Seems like many of us fancy bout this steamboat thingy…

    Make a gathering there, meeting new friends, build our network and enjoy the yummy food simulteneously.
    It’s been a long time i been to Yuen Steam Boat in Mentari Sunway. Price is reasonable and food is awesome.

    What say you guys & gals?
    Cheers – Mart.

  32. Vayanis Says:

    sorry, not yet. but working on it. Just dont want to set up youtube accounts to post ONE vid up.

  33. mimi Says:

    is it “halal” for muslims?

  34. SoGua Says:

    mimi: i’m not really sure. Didn’t notice any halal sign. i guess it’s not halal.

  35. BuffetKing Says:

    In Sunway Mentari, just open a new steamboat buffet call RNC Seafood Buffet. It has a special soup call cheese soup. It is very nice and delicious. It has seafood bbq and lamb tapanyaki. It is serve no pork. I like the US Chicken Wing, very nice. Something deffirent than other steamboat restaurant. Pls go and try.

  36. Stanley Says:

    Yeah, you are right about RNC Seafood Buffet. Their cheese soup is GOOD ! Got addicted to it because I love cheese.
    Checkout their website at http://www.buffetsteamboat.com

  37. o2christ Says:

    now no more projet petrol station now change to shell petrol station it’s not halal

  38. king Says:

    you hv to wait for calling to enter Yuen anytime u r there, and the son of Yuen Buffet Steamboat once hs told to his friends that Yuen’s target is prole or poor people, like indian or malay as well as low leavel chinese, so no matter how long they will to wait for the cheap meal, no matter how they r treated shitly, they will still put greedy smile on face—coz Yuen is cheap for cheap 🙂 never go if u r not as cheap as u r not.

    btw, the chicken is one of the strategy to stuffed ur stomuch,in order to proevent u eat tooooo much there! incretion? wo knows? all the people r getting and fat fat for too frequent to go to the Yeun

  39. Ala Says:

    i went there 2day….its huge resturent..very big, n very crowd….the food n the soup was ok…but the nice thing is u got soooooo many choices n soooooo cheap…with 18rm u can eat till u die, including sweets, ice cream n u can add 1rm for chinese tea (hot or cold) its very cheap, n many kinds to eat, dont know wat to eat…its alot……..as a conclusion..(I LIKE IT) hehehehe….enjoy it guyz, hv a nice time there

  40. CMM Says:

    man this restaurant sucks man i dunno what happen to their quality of the food, i visit last time it was good but now OMG the seafood is NOT fresh at all and the service there is terrible compare to last time i think the owner fire all those that whose sallary is high and hire all those that dont even know english,malay and chinese.the number of people also decreasing even in saturday i can still see a lot of empty places and i thought i was lucky to get a seat

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