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Tze Ern Vege Restaurant @ Publika

Thursday, June 11th, 2015

I just came across a very nice vegetarian restaurant at Publika few weeks ago. They serve vege mixed rice and some ala carte dishes. The price is reasonable in this area and the taste is great! Tze Ern vegetarian shop is just located right above Banana Curry House opposite Philips and Borch showroom.

Sometimes is good to have few vegetarian meal to clean your body, especially when you take large amount of meat everyday. Do you know being a vegetarian can lower your cancer risk? I wish everyone can take at least one vegetarian meal per week to stay healthy!


tze ern vegetarian shop front
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Food Review Welcome

Wednesday, November 23rd, 2005

Hi all, to make this site more interesting and have more varieties for all the food lovers, we now welcome the food lovers to share their views and sent in food photos and their locations to spice up the site!

Any kinda food from anywhere is welcome!

Please send your all your suggestion to review[at]

Sun Rise Vegetarian Restaurant

Thursday, October 13th, 2005

Good news for all the vegetarian fans ! I found a restaurant in Kuchai Lama which serves extremely delicious vegetarian food. They have a variety of food ranging from “man-made” chicken, duck, fish …. etc … they even serve sharks’s fin! If u’re thinking that vegetarian shark fin is cheap then u’re wrong! It costs about RM20 – RM 30(can’t really remember the price) for that small bowl ! Let me know how it taste if u ever try it !

I ordered a “Pei Pa Duck”, Salted Deep Fry Lotus and also Asam Fish … All these three dishes has a unique taste … they really have have the taste of the real duck, and fish ! The deep fry lotus is best served as a snack after meals. It’s crunchy and abit salty.

Overall, it’s a nice vegetarian restaurant and it’s not very expensive for all the dishes (unless you order the shark fin lahh … )

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