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Duck Noodle

Thursday, September 29th, 2005

The duck here is very lean and very gamey. To enjoy it to the max, you must like the strong taste of the game. The chilli that comes with the duck noodle is home made and it compliments the noodle and the meat well. Overall, it’s a good stall that worth a visit for those duck lover.

This duck noodle stall is located in a calm neighbourhood in Bukit Beruang, Malacca. It’s about 15 minutes drive from the Ayer Keroh exit if u’re coming North South Highway. The sign are quite clear, so once u’re in Malacca, getting to Bukit Beruang is not a prob. Ask people whr’ s duck noodle stall in Bukit Beruang, I’m sure there’s a lot who’ll guide you the way.

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Roasted Pork

Tuesday, September 27th, 2005

The best roasted pork found at the moment! It’s Crispy, Juicy, and Buttery! Well, if you don’t believe me, look at the pic !! This is not the extremely oily type that we always get in the chicken rice stall … it’s very very different and tantalising !~

To make sure that you get to taste it, don’t go late, the best time to go is between 10am to 12pm … A little later than 12.30pm, u’ll miss it! On top of that, this chicken rice stall do sell very delicious Mixed Sour Vege … the home made type which used leftovers roast pork as ingredients (to make it more tasty) and other overnight ingredients …

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Pork Satay

Tuesday, September 27th, 2005

Pork Satay … Hainanese style … ??!!! This is what i found during my Malacca trip. For those who have great passion in pork liver and pork intestine (satay style), this is the stall that you can’t miss ! Thy’re famous for that. The specialty of this satay stall is its peanut sauce and mix with some pineapple and in turn create a sour n spicy taste! This is a great combination that you provide you a unique flavour.

At this stall, you dont have to order how many stick you want as they will keep on “refilling”!! What you have to do is just get into shop and find a place to sit and wait to be served!

Pork Satay

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