I decided to chance upon this place since the feedback was interesting (based on The Star’s review). The overall experience was wonderful … but expensive as expected from Japanese cuisine. The environment within was done up nicely, cozy and modern with many booths lining the walls providing privacy to the diners. At the end of the hall, were few private rooms with sunken floors for diners spending a minimum of RM150.

As for me, the booths were sufficient and comfortable enough, letting the tastefully lighted deco consume me. Ordered the following spread of mouth-watering experience…

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16 Responses to “Umai-Ya”

  1. totoro Says:

    RM150 per person? that’s very expensive?

  2. boo_licious Says:

    Is this the place that Shaolin Tiger mentioned? Looks kinda good, what are the prices for the sets you had?

    I think you meant you need to spend RM150 min to sit at the tatami rooms right NOT your above meal was RM150 per pax?

  3. mahagurusia Says:

    As much I love japanese food (and their girls), I will not be samurai RM150 for a meal, err.. but it look so yummy! darn#$%^& Must try one day. 🙂

  4. Grace Says:

    Hi boo_licious, totoro, the RM 150 is a minimum spent at the tatami room … :> if it’s Rm 150 per pax, i wouldn’t have walk in as well ! haha …

    The prices for the set are between rm25-50 … it all depends …

    what i would say is, the things in Umai-Ya is not cheap!

  5. chief man Says:

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  6. chief man Says:

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  7. SoGua Says:

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  8. chief Man Says:

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  10. J Says:

    Not really if you think about the food quality.
    (I love the Dragon Maki)

    You can easily spend as much or more at Sushi King and get food that tastes nowhere as good as Umai-ya’s.

    Man,… we seem to be eating at all the same restaurants!
    I happen to go to this restaurant pretty often actually…..

  11. Chef Man Says:

    For this month , for every purchase Rm100 perbill , u can get lucky draw…


  12. Chef Man Says:

    Happy New Year 2007 ..

  13. Yee Says:

    I tell you ppl arr this place really cosy and no compromise as freshness of the sashimi is concern.Staffs are friendly and a suitable place to hang out with ur gf or business disscussions.They have a room that can accomodate 20 pax at one time.

  14. Milo Says:

    haha.. I must be the last to know about this fab restaurant!

    Heard there is a buffet style now, is that right?

    Thank you for all the recommendation!! sure is making me drooling!

  15. Justine Says:

    Any dishes for vegetarian friend?

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