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Kampachi Pavilion – Japanese Restaurant

Friday, February 18th, 2011

Just went back from Kampachi Japanese Restaurant at Pavilion for lunch. Thanks boss for ur lunch treat :p. First impression, the price at Kampachi is very expensive… but of course u get what you pay for. The food quality at Kampachi is superb – fresh and tasty.

I ordered the Unadon and Salmon set. This set come with Unadon with rice, salmon sashimi, cawanmushi, a bowl of fruits and a miso soup. The salmon sashimi is very nice. Normally i dun take sashimi cuz if it’s not fresh then i’ll vomit.But the salmon sashimi here is fresh and no fishy smell at all. No wonder they charge so expensive…

I’ll visit Kampachi again but of course my pocket must have enough money first 🙂

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Tenji Japanese Buffet

Friday, June 4th, 2010

Tenji is now a household name … I’d tried it for a couple for times and Tenji is really a cool place … not too ex and nice environment … There’s nothing to shout about the food quality but one thing have to really compliment is the freshness!!

In Tenji, the must try are the BBQ crab, lamb and also the pork slice. Ah, remember to take the fresh coconut too … It’s real young and fresh !!

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Saturday, February 25th, 2006

Earlier this week, I went to a Japanese buffet restaurant located at One Utama, New Wing where you get to indulge in all sorts of Japanese cuisine. Food here are offered at a reasonable price. There lots of varieties of food offered from starters right up to appetizers.

They offer the basic tempura range, tepanyaki to chicken marinated in teriyaki sauces. They also offer lots and lots of salmon fish, oyster and soft shell crab. The soup are from the usual miso soup, beef soup to shark’s fin soup! However, there is only a limited range of sushi to select from if you are a sushi fan. If you are going for the appetizers, you can choose from a wide, and I mean wide, range of ice-cream flavours. Fruits there are also fresh. The price is definately worth paying for because… there are lots of crabs, shrimps and oysters!

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