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Tantalising Cakes !

Saturday, April 22nd, 2006

Got this from my friend, Daniel’s blog … The great shots of the cake that he has taken has attracts me to intro the cake here … Thankz Dan …

Strawberry Cake

He wrotes:
“I am not doing promotion or advertisement for them but really highly recommend this cake shop as I had been there for 3 times in this week just only for the cake. I still remember when the 1st day I went there and I was looking at the cakes over the counter there and all doesn’t look good (I was just finished dinner) and don’t feel like eating cake as dessert after meal … and the worker approached me with very good manner (she is quite pretty as well). I just asked her “what is the best selling cake among all the cakes in the counter”. She pointed at the strawberry cake and I looked at the cake but I felt the cake kind of creamy. She tried to explain and come out with the words “don’t judge the taste based on the outlook of the cake”. This is how I addicted to the cake. “

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Victoria Station

Saturday, April 22nd, 2006

Victoria Station, “the TRAIN restaurant”, used to my fav place for western food and lobster years back … A month ago,i have went there to have my dinner. It was such a disappointing one … FRESHNESS & QUALITY of the food, POLITENESS of the waiters and waitresses, NO LONGER click with VICTORIA STATION …

BBQ Sauce Chicken

I ordered their BBQ sauce chicken and im not able to finish even half of the bird as it somehow stinks, could it be frozen for too long coz busi is bad or … ? i don’t know … my sis ordered the fisherman’s platter peaks the disappointment ! At first we’re thinking of ordering a lobster but we’d hold back with it … got scared by the previous orders :< The branch that i went is in Sebarang Jaya, Penang ... So am not sure about the one in KL like Jalan Ampang, Damansara ..... Any ideas? Continue reading Victoria Station »

Seafood Craze ….

Thursday, April 20th, 2006

Seafood is something i can’t resist! I always have a passion on that since very very young …. especially CRABS!!! People have been telling me that Penang has the “nicest” and “cheapest” seafood, but i totally disagree on that … As i’ve found a few good seafood restaurants in KL as well …. One of the spot is Telok Gong, i think most KL-rian would have knew ’bout this !

“Wong Kam” Crab

When it comes to crab, Bukti Tambun (one of the famous seafood spot in Penang) can’t be compared to Telok Gong (Port Klang) in terms of varities. In penang, crabs are usually in sweet and sour flavour or steamed … however, in KL, u can have crabs cook with ducks’ yolk (the “wong kam hai”)and trust me, it’s superb! You don’t get this in Penang … another flavour which Penangite need to try is the marmite flavour.

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