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KFC Green Curry Chicken – Taste So Good?

Thursday, October 4th, 2012

If you think for RM6.45 for a piece of chicken and a bowl of rice is worth the price you are paying for, then you are in for a treat. I’m always a green curry lover and am curious to try what does the fusion of Thai food and Western’s Fried Chicken make of and when KFC offered their latest Green Curry Chicken on the menu, I rushed over to try this special meal. Continue reading KFC Green Curry Chicken – Taste So Good? »

Big Apple Donuts and Coffee

Monday, April 21st, 2008

I had finally tried the Big Apple! The packaging, the logo, the donuts flavour are pretty much the same with J.Co. However, I do notice some differences:

– if you buy it back and reheat it, you’ll find that it’s not as nice as J. Co
– price are slightly cheaper than J. Co
– Big Apple has Durian flavour donuts

big apple donuts

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Porridge Steambot

Thursday, June 8th, 2006

If you love steambot, you’ve got to love it the porridge style. The concept of cooking all the ingrediants that a traditional steambot has is that porridge is actually a better at keeping heat compared to soup due to the thickness of the porridge. At the end, you can only taste the sweetness of the ingrediants that is kept in the porridge.


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