Old Town Kopitiam


While i was still a young kid, my grandpa used to bring me to a old chinese kopitiam to have coffee in the morning. I still can remember the smell of the coffee, the toasted bread with butter kaya and the half boiled egg! yum yum!

few months back, my obelad gf brought me to this Old Town Kopitiam. We had our tea time there. The environment and ambience is good, clean and tidy. It really give me the feel of going back to the old chinese kopitiam where my grandpa used to have tea with me. We ordered a toasted bread, white coffee and mix ice. The quality of the food is just nice, and the price is reasonable or may be i would say it’s affordable.

If you have no where to hang out during the saturday evening, then you may consider Old Town Kopitiam. It’s really a nice place for you to relax after the heavy workload.

French Toast

Xi Mut Milk Tea

Ice Lemon Tea

Drinks Menu 1

Drinks Menu 2

SoGua’s Rating:-
Environment: 7.5 /10
Food Quality: 7 / 10
Price Affordability: 8 / 10
Toilet Cleanliness: 8 / 10
Overall: 7.6 / 10

p/s: Thanks Grace for the picture! sorry the pic n the food i intro a bit out cuz i didnt bring any camera along tat day :p

Since the post become more and more popular, many people as us if there is any franchise information available or who they can contact to get the franchise info. So i decided to find the info for the kopitiam franchise info. Below is the contact i got for the Old town kopitiam franchise:-

Contact Person: Kevin
No 42A, Jalan Petaling Utama 9,
46000, Petaling Jaya

Tel: +6.03.7782.6411
Fax: +6.03.7782.6455

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130 Responses to “Old Town Kopitiam”

  1. waiter with principle Says:

    for all of u waiters/waitress out there..i do believe that when a customer compaints about you, u shud not fight back. yes is true that they are paying a cup of coffee tht more cheaper than coffee bean, starbucks or etc. but u all shud bare in mind that u r working in a service line…where customer comes 1st. Indeed, there are many fussy customer but they pay for their food, they pay for your salary and if u provide good service ur boss might raise ur salary if they earn more.
    I always believe that CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS RIGHT.

  2. waiter with principle Says:

    come to think of it if u were one of the customer and u get a bad service wat would u think. Although sum mistake are not your fault, but if admit and jst come out a word of sorry…that might save ur job or ur customer might even come bak to your shop.

  3. Jolin Says:

    My 1st time visit to the oldtown kopitiam is in 1utama! That time my friends who is australians wanted to try some local food so i tot of bringing them der to try! The food served fast abd the bread was really crispy. We had a great time der~ I really like the ambience and the food, especially the nasi lemak. Last month, i went to the Aman Suria branch with my bf and it was a friday night. There is lots of people and it took 20 mins for some waiter to finally notice our existence der! I was kinda pissed by then so i ordered the waiter to give us the menu but he looked at me as if i was an alien and walked away. After another 10 mins, there is still no1 there to even let us read the menu and my bf walked over to the counter and took it himself. At that time i wanted to leave but my bf pulled me back and he called the supervisor over to our table. He reason out with the supervisor and he told us that friday night is always packed and they don’t have enough people!!! And when i told him that one of his staffs totally ignore me when i asked him for the menu, and he said that he was from INDONESIA so he don’t understand ENGLISH and only know how to clean the table and serve the food! O.O!! I realize that it is not a very good explaination for customers who is there to eat! I’m also working in the customer service line so i do know that customers wouldn’t want to listen to your internal problems but to get the appropriate service they deserve! Of cos, i do know that not all the time the customers are right but at least, being the supervisor, you should give a rather acceptable explanation that could cool your customers. Another time i was at the Section 13 branch which is newly opened and the supervisor there was really nice! I went there with my mom and she ordered the curry laksa which the soup was pretty cold, so my mom told the supervisor and she quickly changed it. And its free of charge. My mom loves to yumcha all around and she didnt like the service in LOW YAT plaza. I guess diff branches have diff kind of service. Sometimes we just have to learn to relax and give them some time. We have all kinds of pressures and stress from our work and life and we still gotta be so tense up with the services… i don’t think is worth it, isnt it? Be cool, ppl.. =)

  4. okiyo Says:

    haha…almost every week i wil be there…..
    price affordable…food nice too… ^^

  5. Carrie Says:

    I am old town kopitiam fans and my mum also like to eat there , she claims that their curry mee is very very nice wo and their kaya butter bread is cripsy too …. yummy…. haha …. the price is affordable too 🙂

  6. BOBBY Says:


  7. fion Says:

    Hi,i am very interested in being an old town kopitiam franchise ,please who one can let me know the contack number.thanks .This is my email address fion-khoo@hotmail.com

  8. [Littl3]Piggy Says:

    I’ve never thought I wud be one of the Oldtown coffee lovers.. =P Because I always thought that the foods and drinks there where got worth to drink de? RM3.++ for a cup of coffee?! No way! Buy at coffee shop oso nice and cheap~ Nasi Rendang RM8.50+? Buy at roadside oso nice~ Some more 10% service charge + 5% gv tax? That one oledi can buy another bowl of mee to eat le…. :S
    So 1 day I went in and tried, I have forgetten where, the chicken hor fun is tasteless, and the coffee is so~~~~~ (donno how to express) Haiz… It’s proved me rite!
    I went to eat again at Oldtown, but this time, my frens n I went to Jaya Jusco Cheras Selatan for lunch (my off jus nearby). Not dare to taste the same bad food again, so i tried nasi rendang instead, n my frens ordered prawn mee n tomyam. Waseh~ taste different leh!!! It taste so nice until the sambal I also need to ask them to add, but with an extra charge of RM0.50. So stingy~ Prawn mee not bad too… and most of all my fav~ Enriched White Coffee (Gao).. Yummy~!! The chocolate not bad too~
    I always go there whenever I visited Jusco, as other foods outlets are bad…emmm… except fast foods~ =P

  9. nonot (kuching) Says:

    For me ipohtown kopitiam at kuching, boulevard is very nice place to go. service is very good. The drinks n food there is not too expensive. boleh laaa…

  10. coffe lover Says:

    I recently heard a new name in coffee shop franchise busineess – Red Island Cafe. Does anyone experience their outlets. I understand they also open to franchisees.

  11. coffe lover Says:

    Sorry. It is called Island Red Cafe

  12. smithveg Says:

    Old Town! I like to eat Old town toast.

  13. Foodies Says:

    I tried the Red Island Cafe over at Krystal Suite and I have to say that they really need to improve on service. During lunch hour the place was full however there were not enough staff to manage the place. Many other tables were only delivered food to half of the patrons and most of us had to ask for our food. When we asked for more sambal for the nasi lemak, it did not arrive. Also on our way out, we saw 2 plates of chicken chop returned because they were raw inside. So patron at your own risk!

  14. Danny Says:

    Business is to make profit. To make $$$ 1st :cut cost. IT Is too COSTY $$$ to pay to get franchise ship with old t. How to make the money back???? 1st :cut cost. To control food quality=cost, to provide good servicing=cost, to have good management control=cost.
    Now the old t like a tab water, turn on the tab water($$$) flow in pocket.
    Is there anyone keep in mind “USE THE WATER WISELY” >>>nop.
    Think about it “USE THE WATER WISELY”.
    Anyone who can provide good food please contact me dannyeverfeed@yahoo.com.sg…..!!(for what!!??) probaly we can create another “new t”. So soon you will see(for old t fans) the old t will “USE THE WATER WISELY”. Dream dream dream it will come true. When the dream come true, will i keep in mind “USE THE WATER WISELY”!!!!….. Who knows……!!

  15. Mr. Yap Says:

    hi .. i wanna ask how to get the franchise and how much ? please reply me or email to me …. thanks

  16. Old town fans Says:

    Im back again…………. back to complain again…. the same outlet…. sungai long. I was staying in Mahkota. I got no choice. Just out of sudden. I so miss on the kopi O. I purposely drive my car to Oldtown Sungai Long…… Since last complaint, I had make up my mind not to visit this outlet any more!! Yet….. I MISS MY KOPI O!!!!! I tell myself, should give them another chance. OK! GO!!

    Ah~~~~ My kopi O….. i order hot, it came with warm….. (ToT)…………. no brown sugar (ToT). YYYYYY???????? And I check with the service crew. He said Oldtown NEVER provide brown sugar. He said brown sugar and white sugar is the same. HEY!! Just tell me that your outlet is cheapskate. I accept. Dont tell me Oldtown never provide brown sugar and try to act professor! White sugar and brown sugar is the SAME! Again the same, where is the Red Shirt People?? When only this outlet can improve?

    Hopeless la!!!!!

    I went back home with sadness….. cause my kopi O………… (ToT)

  17. G_Bear Says:

    Deborah who posted a comment on 1st Feb 2007: How can you yell and be rude at people who leave their comments on this page? Not all comments are negative. There are some very good comments too. Of course customers complain. This is part and parcel of being in the service industry. We should not have to pay for nasi lemak that costs more than RM 15 to get good service. We pay 5% service charge, and I know for a fact that the service charge can come up to quite a good profit. And the cost of goods sold for the items sold still provides for a good profit margin when compared to the price you sell it at, even when you charge only a few dollars.

    There are places that give good service without charging the earth, and these are the kind of places that get 5 star rating through word of mouth. If you are an owner of a kopitiam shop, perhaps even a White Town Kopitiam, hence your rantings, you are the kind of owners who tell off the customer when they make a complaint. A simple apology and a free dessert is usually enough to make up for it. And glowing remarks will be made by the customer when relating it to other people. Instead of which you put the blame on us for daring to complaint which only results in the customer telling everyone of the bad experience they had at your place.

    Granted there are very few places that give good service for lower cost food (some places you can’t even get good service when you DO pay a bomb), but this is because the service industry in Malaysia is terrible. Consumer rights are neglected if not completely ignored. In Japan, where politeness is the culture. you get good service irregardless of the cost of item. A good attitude cost nothing.

    I agree with Daren Lee, good team leader = good team. Alex Ng who has freely given out that he is a Old Town kopitiam owner has an excellent attitude. If he had an outlet in KL, I would patronise it just because of his comments on this page.

  18. razak Says:

    Come to Old Town @ Jusco Cheras Selatan..!!

  19. razak Says:

    Another trusted and good brand Old Town just open at Jusco AU2,Setiawangsa there.. Come n visit… Enjoy their foods there!! NICE!!

  20. ykchia Says:

    Alexng , darren lee, danny pls help me!!

    Can anyone furnish me with more information about old town kopitiam management?
    I’m would like to know more bout the management of old town to enrich my assignment..^^
    how an oldtown owner cut cost? why currently oldtown recruit a lots of foreign labors instead of local workers?
    how much is the difference of their wages? Is there any method used to cut cost other than recruiting foreign workers? Do oldtown owners provide any training to their workers?

    Thank You in advance.

  21. saidin Says:

    how to open old town kopi tiam franchies

  22. simon Says:

    its sad, the service is pretty bad when i visited it last time.
    hey guys don’t be fool with the menu because its not what is said.
    like fresh fruits its not fresh but simply from a packed.

  23. catherine Says:

    i am interested in doing a kopitiam franchise. hope u could provide me with more information about ur company.

  24. Dua Kopitiam yang ada sijil halal daripada JAKIM | Denaihati Says:

    […] cafe berkonsepkan Bistro tetapi sekarang pula trend cafe berkonsepkan kopitiam.Antara yang top Old Town Kopitiam, Jonker Walk Kopitiam, Bangi Kopitiam, Uncle John kopitiam, PapaRich Kopitiam, Pak Hailam Kopitiam […]

  25. Maria Says:

    I’m very interested in franchising OLD TOWN Kopitiam in Jakarta, Indonesia. Could anyone provide me with information on how to own this kopitiam shop. Feedbacks are highly appreciated, thank you .. Email me: maria.hendriana@gmail.com

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  30. YOkie Says:

    nama saya Yokie , 20 Feb 2011 around 8.30 malam saya makan di ” Old Town Bandar Sungai Long ” , SERVICE tidak baik dan lambat , masa tu hanya 3 meja , 2 sudah makan , lelaki Chinese yang cermin mata uniform merah di CASHIER kerja macam MIMPI ! suruh dia tak peduli , perempuan Malay kurus pun sama juga mimpi dan sangat lambat , hanya 3 meja SERVICE pun tidak baik dan MIMPI , adakah perniagaan akan jadi baik seterusnya !!!!!!

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