Seafood Craze ….


Seafood is something i can’t resist! I always have a passion on that since very very young …. especially CRABS!!! People have been telling me that Penang has the “nicest” and “cheapest” seafood, but i totally disagree on that … As i’ve found a few good seafood restaurants in KL as well …. One of the spot is Telok Gong, i think most KL-rian would have knew ’bout this !

“Wong Kam” Crab

When it comes to crab, Bukti Tambun (one of the famous seafood spot in Penang) can’t be compared to Telok Gong (Port Klang) in terms of varities. In penang, crabs are usually in sweet and sour flavour or steamed … however, in KL, u can have crabs cook with ducks’ yolk (the “wong kam hai”)and trust me, it’s superb! You don’t get this in Penang … another flavour which Penangite need to try is the marmite flavour.

Glenmarie Bay, one of the restarant in Telok Gong has the best “Wong Kam” crab! Besides, their marmite chicken wings are also worth a try! It’s not purely with marmite but i think it first deep fry with curry powder and mix with marmite after that ….

Marmite Chicken

Other than this restaurant, another one which is called “Tak Fok” in Kepong also have nice and cheap seafood ! So for seafood, especially crab lovers, try this two restaurants and i can most assured u, there’ll be no regrets!

Mantis Prawn

Singapore Fried Meehoon

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3 Responses to “Seafood Craze ….”

  1. Chen Says:

    Yeah, “salted egg yolk crabs” is not available in Penang..:( and that was delicious, and superb… I tasted it in Tak Fok Seafood Restaurant in Kepong previously.. Another one we had there is “baked cheese crabs”

  2. grace Says:

    Hi chen, u’re from penang ?

  3. alicia Says:

    looks good and would like to try.. too bad .. don’t noe how to go.. hehe

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