The name of this restaurant alone reminds me of the organization once mentioned in the famous book of The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown, Opus Dei. However, this Opus is something for anyone looking for fine dining experience. This is especially true for the amatures. I would strongly recommend this place if you are just looking for something a little different from the normal TGIF or Victoria Station. Here, the choice of food is limited to French and I believe that a little knowledge of French might help a lot. Although the menu might have a pinch of French words in it, you are still able to identify from spagetthi to beef to fish. Servings might also be a little small in general but by the time dessert arrives, you will find your tummy full.

Orange Juice (I don’t think the serve pure juice because this tastes cordial)

Yummy Chocolate Shake (looks & tastes better than the juices although I personally think you go to Opus because of their selection of wines)

Basil with Olive oil served with Baguette (wonderful selection for starters)

Traditional Creamy Mushroom soup (every spoonful guarantee to have any mushroom lovers drooling for more)

Lamb & Spagetthi served with mint sauce (absolutely wonderful taste for lamb lovers)

Baked Sol Fish served with vegetables and mash potatoes (needless to say, its absolutely mouth watering)

Seafood Spagetthi served with cream sauce (includes clams, prawns, lobsters & squids)

Classic spagetthi bolognese (common yet after each bite leaves you wanting for more)

Beef served with Black Pepper sauce

Yummy fettuccini (serving looks small, doesn’t it?)

Crepe Suzzette served with Orange Juice and your choice of flavoured ice cream (every eated Crepe Express? It has a wonderfully sweet and tangy taste to added to your mouth)

IceQueen’s Rating:-

Environment: 10 /10
Food Quality: 9.5 / 10
Price Affordability: 2 / 10
Service Level : 3 / 10

Overall: 7/ 10

* Location: Jalan Bangkong, Bangsar
* Price Range: Reasonably fine for a fine dining experience
* Restaurant: Opus

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7 Responses to “Opus”

  1. » A Fine Dining with Friends Says:

    […] Just exactly one week ago, me and a bunch of my friends had a time of our life. It was really fun and happening. Throughout the dinner we were the loudest and noisiest. Goodness knows that the restaurant we went, Opus, was supposed to be fine dining where all customers are suppose to be acting fine (for more information about Opus and what they serve there, click on here) […]

  2. boo_licious Says:

    haha, I like how you put 2/10 for price affordability! So can I ask how much is the pricing like for say the pasta dishes?

  3. ic3 Que3n Says:

    boo_licious, haha.. its really expensive la but once a while can do. Pastas are like from RM28++ to RM30++ depending on what your pasta is served with

  4. J Says:

    Ha? Affordability is only 2/10??
    RM28 – RM30 ++ for pasta is considered really expensive?

    I dunno la. I guess it’s very subjective/ relative.
    Not to say that I am so rich but I have been burnt by places which charge much more for much smaller servings.
    (It’s always a bad sign when restaurants start calling their food as “cuisine”, I suppose)

    I really like Opus actually – quiet area, friendly waiters, consistent food quality and good selection of wines.

    In any case, you had better NEVER go to Frangipani/ La Fite then.
    You’d probably put their affordability as -20/10.

  5. ic3 Que3n Says:

    J, you are right! It is a very subjective answer based on what you deem “affordability” is and depends on what you perceive as life’s “luxury” items. I have friends that only eat chocolate like once in a purple moon because it is deemed as a “luxury” item! Shocking right?

    And yes, I’ve NEVER been to Frangipani or La Fite because its waaaaaay too expensive for me. Even this place was introduced to me by one of my friends which paid for my dinner.

  6. J Says:

    “…. eat chocolate like once in a purple moon”???


    I can’t imagine living like that.
    Hmmm,… I suppose if I did that then I would probably be a lot thinner than I am now.

    Oh well.
    (psst. I’ve never been to Frangi’s or La Fite either – I have only heard horror stories from friends on how they spent almost RM200 – 300 per person at those places)

  7. ic3 Que3n Says:

    yeah, i know. i can’t imagine myself living this way either. I think we are the same kind! 😛

    erm, maybe can go there the next round when ur boss give u a higher vitamin B (bonus) lo!

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