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Getting Organic …

Wednesday, May 3rd, 2006

Organic Rice (hmm….i think it’s brown rice)

Never know how organic food tasted and never really came across any organic food restaurants… it’s something really new and “fresh” to me … after the first try at Country Farm Organics, i’m pretty sure that it’s definitely not my choice … please don’t get me wrong, the food tastes superb for those organics lovers …. but for me, the “tasteless” taste really aren’t going to attracts again to be sooooo ORGANIC … !

Tom Yam Meehoon

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Kiwi Xpress

Sunday, February 26th, 2006

One thing I love more than Japanese food is fusion food. Why? Because we all get to choose from a variety of food. Kiwi Xpress offers selections of western food and local food. The ambience is good if you are looking for a place to hang out and relax. They also offer varieties of sandwiches and cakes for your eyes only! The cakes are not too great but hey! we are there only for the main course right? They also have set menus priced at RM29.90++ which includes soup of the day, the main dish (6 types of servings to choose from), kiwi juice and dessert.

If you think that set deals are too pricy, you can go for the local delicacy such as nasi lemak ayam which is priced at RM8.90++. Food there are perhaps slightly higher than what you can get outside because Kiwi Xpress not only sells food, but they also sell the cooling ambience.

Lemon Tea

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Secret Recipe

Sunday, February 19th, 2006

I know almost everyone have been here before but I think I’ll just recommend some of the must try dishes that perhaps some do not dare to eat. This up and coming local Secret Recipe’s chain of outlets have grown within the recent years. Recently, some of the outlets even went to the extend of changing their ambience to suit the different cultures of each residence. One thing I salute this chain is because they have grown from being a specialty shop selling cheese cakes to serving a wide range of fusion food. Some outlets offer a variety range of food to choose from whereas some only offer a limited range. For more info on the secret behind the success of this franchising business, click on to their website here .

So let’s get down to business about food already!

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