Getting Organic …


Organic Rice (hmm….i think it’s brown rice)

Never know how organic food tasted and never really came across any organic food restaurants… it’s something really new and “fresh” to me … after the first try at Country Farm Organics, i’m pretty sure that it’s definitely not my choice … please don’t get me wrong, the food tastes superb for those organics lovers …. but for me, the “tasteless” taste really aren’t going to attracts again to be sooooo ORGANIC … !

Tom Yam Meehoon

my colleagues actually enjoyed the food, like their Tom Yam Beehoon and also the Nasi Lemak. Im not too sure how to describe all these organic food … perhaps u can share some thoughts with me …. anyone tasted b4? Anyhow, i think the picture might attract u coz of its “colourfulness” perhaps … but do try and let me know what u think ’bout it ….

however, i really enjoy it’s soya bean, the thickness and freshness of it … u feel “smooth” when it slowly flow through ur throat …

Price, the price is a bit costly i would say, possibly it’s because it’s located in Bangsar Shopping Village, or all organic food are that expensive ??

Nasi Lemak

Restaurant Motto

Cosy Environment



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2 Responses to “Getting Organic …”

  1. boo_licious Says:

    I like Woods in Uptown – their Yuba Roll is the best and try the Hakka Lui Cha at Ecogreen in the Bakti building at TTDI (near the Kiara hill where people go walking).

  2. Hijackqueen Says:

    I’ve not tried organic rice before and heard that it’s not so nice too. But I find their vege/fruits same taste.

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