Pork Satay


Pork Satay … Hainanese style … ??!!! This is what i found during my Malacca trip. For those who have great passion in pork liver and pork intestine (satay style), this is the stall that you can’t miss ! Thy’re famous for that. The specialty of this satay stall is its peanut sauce and mix with some pineapple and in turn create a sour n spicy taste! This is a great combination that you provide you a unique flavour.

At this stall, you dont have to order how many stick you want as they will keep on “refilling”!! What you have to do is just get into shop and find a place to sit and wait to be served!

Pork Satay

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7 Responses to “Pork Satay”

  1. boo_licious Says:

    I like this place as I love the satay sauce with the pineapple.

  2. grace Says:

    i think other thn pineapple they have other citrus fruit mix inside …

  3. james lee Says:

    i travel to malacca every month and i know this place. it is really good stuff, the only thing you have to worry is the yellowness of your hands after eating. they ‘have’ another ‘branch’ near mahkota parade.

  4. Alextanhk Says:

    any location maps? need to try this pork satay

  5. shasti Says:

    may i know where this shop located?coz i m studyin in malacca and nearly 2 years stayin in bukit beruang..i just love pork waiting to bring my bro and dad who just love pork so much!!!

  6. tequila Says:

    Please let me know where is this place as well. Will be visiting melaka for a food feast. all recommendations are much appreciated! Thanks!

  7. elly yusof Says:

    that’s bullshit man. no chin pengs can made satay like malay/ that’s the fact. mixing peanut gravy with pineapple? bullshit!!! pork satay? another bullshit imitator. not original malay dish. bottom line is no chinese chin pengs will be ever can male satay like we malays do. period!pronto!!!

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