Serdang Lat Tong (Spicy Soup)


Spicy soup and Fah Tiew Kai (Small piece of chicken in thick soy sauce) are quite a fmous food among the KL-rian. They’re quite a few nice stalls and mostly I found are located in Serdang … Not too sure whether it’s an coincident though 😛

I have been visiting this shop almost every month. It just a small shop but always packed with people. What makes the Fah Tiew Kai so delicious is that they’d marinated the chicken for a day or so until the taste really sips into it. Then they cook using claypot and served using it as well. The thick soy sauce gravy is so tantalising that you can mix it with your rice to slowly enjoy it.

As for the Lat Tong (Spicy Soup), it includes some pig’s intestines, sliced pork as well as some chicken and straw mushroom. The soup itself is the most delicious part. I’m not too sure of the ingredients but you can taste that they’d put lots of pepper and the celery has compliment it very well.

Do try out if you love Lat Tong and Fah Tiew Kai. You’ll never regret it!! It’s located behing the POS office and badminton hall in Serdang. Price is very reasonable. In serdang, you just gotta ask people whr’s Kien Kee’s Lat Tong and they’ll direct you 🙂

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  1. simon Says:

    can i know where is this place?

  2. simon Says:

    ah i visited that place.. truly amazing food selection and taste

  3. twitter followers Says:

    Great information I have tweated this site to my list for future and will keep a lookout for your other posts.

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