Nasi Lemak which has been considered as one of our national delicacy which is served all day long everywhere ranging from home to stalls to restaurants and cafe. This dish can be very simple with just small anchovies, cucumber sambal and egg, or it can be highly elaborated as well. I found one restaurant that serves tantalising and “well-customized” nasi lemak.

The highly recommended Nasi Bojari – An Indonesian Royalty special @ RM 12.80 (Launching on 21 July 08 – 31 August 08). The otak-otak and fried chicken is a must try!

Rempah Ratus Restaurant & Cafe, a trendy dining outlet that offers diners a contemporary with kampong’s feel ambience for any occasion. The perennial favourite nasi lemak is the centre of attraction at the Nasi Lemak Rempah Ratus restaurant in Bandar Puchong Jaya.

Rice & basmati cooked with coconut milk & spices (choice of chicken or beef rendang) @ RM 8.90

The dish lures you with its fragrant rice complemented by slices of cucumber, a portion of egg, anchovies and a dollop of sambal that gives the dish its character. The usual deal with nasi lemak, you would say, but we have added our own spin to the ubiquitous fare making it stand out from the rest. The difference lies in the rice as they use two types of rice – basmati and the normal Siam rice. When you combine these two types of rice, the end result is cooked rice that’s loose in texture. This doesn’t give you the heavy feeling after a meal.

The Nyonya Fish Head Curry that uses salmon instead of the usual fish. It is only RM 20 (M).

Grilled Ribeye Steak RM 17.80 drizzled with your choice of Black Pepper Sauce or Mushroom Sauce.

Besides, nasi lemak, Rempah Ratus also provides a delightful array of Halal loal temptations. Presently, Rempah Ratus irresistible menu consist of a wide variety of scrumtiously delicious cuisine ranging from Appertizer, Malaysians’ Favourites, Asian Temptations to popular Webstern Delights.

Gado-gado – Indonesian delicacy

House Mocktails – Honey Dew

Chicken Chop

Linguine Seafood Carbonara

Nasi Goreng Rempah Ratus

No 33, Jalan Kenari 17C
Bandar Puchong Jaya
47170 Puchong
Tel: 03-8076 5371

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  1. magpie Says:

    Had try this yummy restaurant weeks ago and i have to agree that they serve really good food. i would recommend this restaurant to all the readers

  2. kiana Says:

    i tried this too … i love their salmon curry fish head!It’s very creative of the chef

  3. malhandsome Says:

    dear friend,

    do u’ve BBQ LAND & STEAMBOAT BUFFET KUANG’s phone no at SG BULOH, SELANGOR @ been there? some said d price just below rm20/pax!


    mal handsome

    plz sms me +60128624623 or
    email 2

  4. lightfl Says:

    Nasi lemak look very appetizing…must try one day

  5. Vivien Says:

    please update your blog soon

  6. fifie Says:

    so delicous this food. anything else????

  7. My Taste Heaven Says:

    Want to try this out next time when i go to KL. Especially the salmon curry fish head!

  8. simon Says:

    sound good but i find other place better.. any others that you can interest me?

  9. MaryMoh Says:

    Wow…every dish looks beautiful in its presentation. I love it and miss these food.

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