Tantalising Cakes !


Got this from my friend, Daniel’s blog … The great shots of the cake that he has taken has attracts me to intro the cake here … Thankz Dan …

Strawberry Cake

He wrotes:
“I am not doing promotion or advertisement for them but really highly recommend this cake shop as I had been there for 3 times in this week just only for the cake. I still remember when the 1st day I went there and I was looking at the cakes over the counter there and all doesn’t look good (I was just finished dinner) and don’t feel like eating cake as dessert after meal … and the worker approached me with very good manner (she is quite pretty as well). I just asked her “what is the best selling cake among all the cakes in the counter”. She pointed at the strawberry cake and I looked at the cake but I felt the cake kind of creamy. She tried to explain and come out with the words “don’t judge the taste based on the outlook of the cake”. This is how I addicted to the cake. “

Coffee Latte

Rating : 8 out of 10 for this cake
Venue : Ground Floor, The shop Lot beside CK, One Utama, New Wing

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  1. boo_licious Says:

    Strawberry cake? Hmmm, must try that as I’ve only tried the Sumatra, Coeur Noir and Mango Mousse. Yeah, I love how they swirl a heart in the Machiatto.

  2. Turbo Fire Says:

    Great post!

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