Chinese New Year Gift


Recently I bought 2 bottle of bird nest from a friend of mine and it was marvelous. The quality of the bird nest are 100% pure and best of all, it’s easy to cook with just 3 simple steps.

Step1 : Open a bottle of bird nest
Step 2 : Cook or boiled it
Step 3: Ready to be served.

No hassle of cleaning up the bird nest anymore. The bird nest are already cleaned and is ready to be cook or boiled. So folks, it’s a good suggestion to get a bottle of bird nest as a gift for your relative or friends for this coming Chinese New Year!

Bird’s Nest Bottle Packaging

For decades, bird’s nests are likeable in Chinese cuisine and are valued for their high nutritional content and medicinal benefits. Bird’s nest are rich in protein with slight present of calcium and iron that research has found that it helps to strengthening our body immunity system against diseases. The protein contents in edible-nest are more easily absorbs by human body. Moreover, they are believed to be life giving treasure that can strengthen our respiratory system and lungs to prolong life as well as retarding the aging process. Bird’s nests have been used for a long time in traditional Chinese medicine.

Bird’s nest has been recommended for use in the curing or strengthening of the body against diseases related to weak bloody or body overheat, cold, influenza, relieve coughing, improve blood circulation, asthma, and other bronchia ailments if is consume regularly. Besides that it is also recommended to complement other treatments to combat degenerative disease such as cancer and also for convalescence or to treat weakness or debility after disease.

100% Pure Bird’s Nest

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13 Responses to “Chinese New Year Gift”

  1. SoGua Says:

    Grace, yummy corner visitor got discount or not?

  2. grace Says:

    Not much, maybe RM10 – 20 bucks cheaper :> You interested huh?

  3. JerryWho Says:

    how you know it’s 100% cleah ah?

  4. grace Says:

    Hi Jerry, i would rather say it’s 98% clean, but it’s definitely 100% pure (no preservative added). That’s also the feedback from their clients. I’m pretty sure as well as i went to my friend’s place to see how they do it. The bird nest is the wet type, not the dry type which you have to buy back and clean urself :>

  5. smashpOp Says:

    hey thanks for dropping by my blog :LP

  6. smashpOp Says:

    how come my comment doesnt appear?

  7. Food Lover Says:

    wow… so much foooDDDD!!!! even more than me! hahaha…

    great job indeed!!! =)

  8. KY Says:

    so do u have smooth and silky skin now? can i seee?????

  9. SoGua Says:

    wah KY seems like a big buaya la.

  10. grace Says:

    hey KY, i guess if im eating constantly then should have that “smooth & silky skin” la … but too bad, i can’t afford to eat often … haha … but i dont mind if u want to SPONSOR! haha

  11. grace Says:

    Thankz Jennifer!

  12. Winny Ow Says:

    Yo..jessica…whus up….wanna tell u bout the OLd Town kopitiam in Sunway Seberang Jaya… and my mom had nightmare there……service is slow… really lousy…..and the drinks was horrible…..not like what u say bout Old Town Kopitiam in Puchong…..u know what the kopitiam was stuffy and really warm like sauna…..we were really dying in there….plus so many foreigner working…..they don;t understand a word we say…this owner must be a really crazy fellow….the great thing all our orders were wrong….no choice so have to eat…..terrible….

  13. neet Says:

    The toast in old town kopitiam is appalling cause the kaya&butter was so pathetic. also the butter was not generously spread over the toast. Should try Jom Bali instead at Carrefour, Subang Jaya. The toast was brilliant. I also highly recommend the rich milk tea & the ambience was really great as they have al-fresco dining….

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