New Paris


New Paris … I guess it’s already a household name for the KL-rian! Located in SS2 and start operating at 5.30pm daily, this restaurant is always filled with large crowds. It’s well known for it’s extremely fast service!

Deep Fried Squid

If you ordered two to three dishes, usually it’ll be served in not more than 10 minutes … im not very sure how they manage that, but im 100% sure that they’re well-known for this service!! They have quite a variety of food, among the best one is deep fry squid (my all time favourite), watermelon chicken, curry steam fish, marmire pork chop … etc

Salted Vege + Tofu Soup

Fried Kangkung

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8 Responses to “New Paris”

  1. Mei Says:

    There are other dishes which are WAY better than that (Champagne Chicken, their signature taufu dish, etc). And the service is super fast.

  2. j o e l Says:

    yeah, i had the champagne chicken, was ok la i guess. the lalas were to die for tho =D

  3. KY Says:

    the fried kangkung is actually not too great at all. Guiness ribs is pretty good, and the service is top class. used to go there quite often.

  4. grace Says:

    that guniness ribs always finish fast … till now still dun have the chance to try it …. :

  5. suki Says:

    I like the fast service and the price is reasonable.
    For those who like soft shell crab, u can have a try.
    It comes with a special source.

  6. Grace Says:

    I wonder do they have any branches around in KL ? or some other states?

  7. Val Says:

    Service is fast but d food nowaday sucks..i order a steam fish but instead they they cook d fish in hot water n serve 2 us….bside tat the curry fish head is bad…i try 2 talk 2 d captain but they said i dunno how 2 appreciate the “smell”…..come on…dun thin we are stupid dat i can’t differentiate the difference. You really dissapoint me. DO NOT EAT FISH THERE!!!!! bside dat the tofu is tasteless….d service is gettin worst everytime i go there…they are gettin cocky.

  8. Nicolai Cheap Says:

    Genuinely liked examining this, thank you for posting it.

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