Hong Kong Style Porridge


If u’re looking for Hong Kong style (fine texture) porridge, this is the place you should never miss out ! Situated beside a busy road, Jalan Tun H.S. Lee, the stall sells three types of porridge which are fish, chicken and pork intestine porridge.

All of the three has its own specialty. For instance, the fish used are very fine sliced of raw fish which will be cook once you dip it or pour it in the “boiling” porridge. For the pork intestine porridge, you can ask for additional minced pork balls or deep fry intestine! In addition, the steamed chicken with oyster sauce is also tantalising (ask for more gravy so that u can mix it in the porridge)! The porridge texture u find here is very very fine and has a sweetened taste, i wonder whether they have added in chicken stock !!

Pork Intestine Porridge

Steam chicken with soya and oyster gravy

Plain Porridge

Stall View

There always a big crowd waiting at the stall. You always have to wait for some time to get a seat especially during their “peak hours” – 7pm-8pm … Thus, if possible, get a seat near to the stall as this can get you served earlier ! (they don’t really practice 1st come 1st serve policy!)

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10 Responses to “Hong Kong Style Porridge”

  1. boo_licious Says:

    Someone was just asking about this place the other day. Thanks for the pixs, will forward it to them so they can plan their trip there soon.

  2. babe_kl Says:

    i missed eating here. too much bus fume these days lah since the buses stop there few years back.

  3. SoGua Says:

    i think now is better.
    cuz previously that road was for construction
    n now most of the buses do not stop there anymore

  4. Sue Says:

    I love the porridge here and their chicken’s really good! But I find it a bit steep…and they sell out really quickly!

  5. leecs Says:

    heard about this store for manytimes…
    passed by few times also BUT no chance to try it…

    hmmmm i like porridge.

  6. grace Says:

    Hi all, try to get thr as early as 6-7pm if u want to have a bowl of this yummy porridge … sometimes they just can be sold b4 8pm …

  7. grace Says:

    Hi edward, lotsss of thankz for ur support!

  8. carina Says:

    that porridge looks delish.
    might have to try it some time
    yum yum yum!

  9. carina Says:

    gosh that steamboat looks to good to eat
    luv Rina Roo aka Carina

  10. um um um Says:

    gosh this food looks disgusting!not!

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