Sun Rise Vegetarian Restaurant


Good news for all the vegetarian fans ! I found a restaurant in Kuchai Lama which serves extremely delicious vegetarian food. They have a variety of food ranging from “man-made” chicken, duck, fish …. etc … they even serve sharks’s fin! If u’re thinking that vegetarian shark fin is cheap then u’re wrong! It costs about RM20 – RM 30(can’t really remember the price) for that small bowl ! Let me know how it taste if u ever try it !

I ordered a “Pei Pa Duck”, Salted Deep Fry Lotus and also Asam Fish … All these three dishes has a unique taste … they really have have the taste of the real duck, and fish ! The deep fry lotus is best served as a snack after meals. It’s crunchy and abit salty.

Overall, it’s a nice vegetarian restaurant and it’s not very expensive for all the dishes (unless you order the shark fin lahh … )

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3 Responses to “Sun Rise Vegetarian Restaurant”

  1. si huei Says:

    just wonder can i have the address of sunrise vegetarian restuarant

  2. sm Says:

    just a lil tips. pls provide the add/ tel no of the restaurant u reviewed! much appreciated!

  3. grace Says:

    i think this restaurant has moved.. not sure where to .. sorry

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