Penang Village


A recent hit chain of restaurants with nyonya & penang offerings in an oriental / nyonya / chinese fusion environment ie. high class hawker restaurant (that’s how I describe to my foreign friends). My usual orders are prawn mee, char kway teow (RM7.90), ice kacang (RM5.50)/ chendol and assam laksa. Ordering the nyonya dishes for a proper meal is also nice. Choosing the ‘recommended’ choices will be a sure hit eg. Chicken kapitan (RM13.90), samosa, brocolli and prawn (RM14.90), Cincalok omelette (RM8.90), Yin yang Garoupa (RM48). Lunch crowd is to the brim compared to dinner.

The picture available are some of the famous dishes offers here. This is what i get from a forwarded mail.

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3 Responses to “Penang Village”

  1. boo_licious Says:

    Sadly the food is not as great compared to when it first opened but it is still quite okay.

  2. Grace Says:

    i totally agree with you … but i think it’s so much better than Penang House, which is a similar category for it!~

  3. Daniel Says:

    I had nausea after trying their food last week and force to stay in hospital!!! Lousy food and poor service!!!

    maybe this branch is really dirty their food, great eastern mall branch. my mood really bad that day after trying their food force to spend money in medical fees!!!after trying their damn food!!!

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