Duck Noodle


The duck here is very lean and very gamey. To enjoy it to the max, you must like the strong taste of the game. The chilli that comes with the duck noodle is home made and it compliments the noodle and the meat well. Overall, it’s a good stall that worth a visit for those duck lover.

This duck noodle stall is located in a calm neighbourhood in Bukit Beruang, Malacca. It’s about 15 minutes drive from the Ayer Keroh exit if u’re coming North South Highway. The sign are quite clear, so once u’re in Malacca, getting to Bukit Beruang is not a prob. Ask people whr’ s duck noodle stall in Bukit Beruang, I’m sure there’s a lot who’ll guide you the way.

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7 Responses to “Duck Noodle”

  1. li Says:

    ai yah – so blurr one arh ?

  2. boo_licious Says:

    Malacca has so much good food. Once we went down just to stay a weekend to eat all the yummy stuff.

  3. grace Says:

    yea, u should go to Jonker Walk as well o taste their baba nyonya cendol .. ! it’s superb .. but it opens only on friday and saturday.

  4. grace Says:

    li, so sorry for the “blurness” :> … it’s due to the poor camera quality …
    but we have other nice sharp pic as well ..

  5. Ee Ee Says:

    lov quack2, but so far to go…waitlah 1 fine day

  6. KEN - cheokwee Says:

    the duckmee in melaka i think is the one near the bayview hotel one.

    Grace, melaka got another 2 famous things hor?
    1. bak kuh mee
    2. lulu
    3. chicken rice ball (ops… 3 liao)

  7. grace Says:

    Hi Ken, Bak Kut Mee i went to try, but forgot to take the picture… 😛 Then for the luk luk and chicken rice ball i dont think it’s that delicious, or probably i went to the wrong stalls … Thankz for letting me know anyway!

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