KFC Green Curry Chicken – Taste So Good?


If you think for RM6.45 for a piece of chicken and a bowl of rice is worth the price you are paying for, then you are in for a treat. I’m always a green curry lover and am curious to try what does the fusion of Thai food and Western’s Fried Chicken make of and when KFC offered their latest Green Curry Chicken on the menu, I rushed over to try this special meal. Continue reading KFC Green Curry Chicken – Taste So Good? »

Noble House Seafood Restaurant


Don’t be mistaken by Noble House Seafood Restaurant as a restaurant that is related to the Oriental Group of Restaurants chain where they too have a restaurant named Noble House located along Jalan Delima. The Noble House Seafood Restaurant establishment grandeur is not as impressive and is in fact much more disappointing that the earlier mentioned Noble House. But what it lacks of, it gains back in the food served.

Noble House Seafood Restaurant is famous for its must try Loh Mee Oyster Mee Suah and its Noble House Special Noodles only found in, where else but Klang! This special dish is made out of tapioca flour, and the texture is chewy. The style of cooking is similar to Fried Kueh Teow and if you enjoy this dish, their Special Noodles is a must try. I personally find it slightly oily but what sort of noodles isn’t? Continue reading Noble House Seafood Restaurant »

Kampachi Pavilion – Japanese Restaurant


Just went back from Kampachi Japanese Restaurant at Pavilion for lunch. Thanks boss for ur lunch treat :p. First impression, the price at Kampachi is very expensive… but of course u get what you pay for. The food quality at Kampachi is superb – fresh and tasty.

I ordered the Unadon and Salmon set. This set come with Unadon with rice, salmon sashimi, cawanmushi, a bowl of fruits and a miso soup. The salmon sashimi is very nice. Normally i dun take sashimi cuz if it’s not fresh then i’ll vomit.But the salmon sashimi here is fresh and no fishy smell at all. No wonder they charge so expensive…

I’ll visit Kampachi again but of course my pocket must have enough money first 🙂

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Continue reading Kampachi Pavilion – Japanese Restaurant »