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TGI Friday (Thank God Its Friday!)

Sunday, June 11th, 2006

TGI Friday named after almost everyone’s favourite day, this is the place to be if you want to celebrate the beginning of a great weekend! I believe most people have been to this place before but nevertheless, I want to introduce some of the great desserts and drinks that go along side with the main course. For those that have yet tried this western cuisine, this is a must option if you want to experience the friendliness of the staffs there and an atmosphere of relaxation.

Known for a great place to celebrate birthdays (because they come along with a session where the staffs there sing for you a birthday song), it is also the place to be if you want to just hang out with your friends. The background is pumped up with the latest beats from the top 20s.

Some of the drinks that is a must try would be the summer cyclist. Aixture of fresh strawberries and oranges blended together with ice, the name says it all. Refreshingly sweet, the drink balances between the sournessand the taste of both the fruits. This interesting blend is currently priced at RM7.90 per glass.

Summer Cyclist
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Victoria Station

Saturday, April 22nd, 2006

Victoria Station, “the TRAIN restaurant”, used to my fav place for western food and lobster years back … A month ago,i have went there to have my dinner. It was such a disappointing one … FRESHNESS & QUALITY of the food, POLITENESS of the waiters and waitresses, NO LONGER click with VICTORIA STATION …

BBQ Sauce Chicken

I ordered their BBQ sauce chicken and im not able to finish even half of the bird as it somehow stinks, could it be frozen for too long coz busi is bad or … ? i don’t know … my sis ordered the fisherman’s platter peaks the disappointment ! At first we’re thinking of ordering a lobster but we’d hold back with it … got scared by the previous orders :< The branch that i went is in Sebarang Jaya, Penang ... So am not sure about the one in KL like Jalan Ampang, Damansara ..... Any ideas? Continue reading Victoria Station »

Food Review Welcome

Wednesday, November 23rd, 2005

Hi all, to make this site more interesting and have more varieties for all the food lovers, we now welcome the food lovers to share their views and sent in food photos and their locations to spice up the site!

Any kinda food from anywhere is welcome!

Please send your all your suggestion to review[at]