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Seoul Garden

Tuesday, February 14th, 2006

First time trying the Korean Hotplate Steamboat and it was really superb!! Im not sure whether they have branch in KL but i’ve heard b4 that they have in S’pore.

What really amazed me is the spice they used to marinate the chickens, beef, lamb as well and not to forget their squid. Wide range of food no doubt … the picture taken were just part of the stuff … the remaining is ice kacang (self-service), cendol, ice creams, fried korean snacks … Besides, the sauces they made compliments the bbq meat nicely!!

Hotplate Steamboat

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Don Sushi

Saturday, February 11th, 2006

If you would like to enjoy a good lunch with a little bit of money in your pocket, Don Sushi is the place to be. My personal favourite lunchtime especially in the beginning and the end of the month where you just feel like splurging a little, it provides a good atmosphere with friendly staff to greet you when you arrive or pay the bills.

Don sushi offers a variety of sushi’s at an affordable price along with various types of udon & ramen dishes as well. The prices may seem a little more dear than the local Sushi King but its value for money. Therefore, their serving portion is slightly larger than the rest. Definately worth the price that you are paying for!

One particular thing I’m really curious is that all the rice dishes here ends with the Don word. Maybe its due to its outlet name. Hm…

Tuna Sushi
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