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I know almost everyone have been here before but I think I’ll just recommend some of the must try dishes that perhaps some do not dare to eat. This up and coming local Secret Recipe’s chain of outlets have grown within the recent years. Recently, some of the outlets even went to the extend of changing their ambience to suit the different cultures of each residence. One thing I salute this chain is because they have grown from being a specialty shop selling cheese cakes to serving a wide range of fusion food. Some outlets offer a variety range of food to choose from whereas some only offer a limited range. For more info on the secret behind the success of this franchising business, click on to their website here .

So let’s get down to business about food already!

Way delicious chocolate milkshake. They have a range of flavours from strawberry to banana

Japanese Soba. Something that you would like to eat if you want to keep fit. Consists of vegetables, noodles, fish paste and vegetables again

Spaghetti Meatball. Can choose either chicken or beef. Deliciously mixed with tomatoes, herbs and spices. Meatballs are pretty large and filling. Something that you would certainly choose if you want to go French

TomYamKung. Very challengingly hot and spicy. Definately mouth watering. Remember to order lots of water though just in case your lips sets on fire

One thing though, they also offer another popular cuisine, fish and chips. Hm, you may like it if you have a taste for fishy stuff. Sometimes a little too, fish for a taste, I would say

IceQueen’s Rating:-
Environment: 10 /10
Food Quality: 8 / 10
Price Affordability: 8 / 10

Overall: 9 / 10

* Location: Everywhere! There’s so many you don’t know where to start from!
* Price Range: Soft drinks are from RM3 to a maximum of RM9 ++. Food can have a range from RM10++ whereas cakes cost about RM5-6 a slice.
* Restaurant: Secret Recipe
* Website address :

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11 Responses to “Secret Recipe”

  1. arf zenz Says:

    OMG!! looks so delicious. BTW, the 1 tomyam can serve for 3 pple. The bowl is so biggg…

  2. lx Says:

    I would like to invite you over to my humble cookie bar located at Level 4, KLCC ~ Bakin’ Boys. We’ve got cookies, muffins, shakes, coffees … Tell me what you think 😉

  3. grace Says:

    hey lx, is thr any discounts??:>

  4. lx Says:

    for you, not a problem … 😉

  5. ic3 Que3n Says:

    arf zen, your tummy will only start burning la because the tomyam is so spicy! The serving is large enough to only fill one person though

    lx, sure we will drop by. I’ve just visited your site, cool grapics. You manage to make the whole site look fun! Kudos! Look forward to visiting your counter!

    grace, make it a day we go visiting there?

  6. grace Says:

    hey ic3 Que3n, deal!! make sure u dun forget me when u’re going … so when we go we’ll tell them we know the boss … heheh … to get disount of course :>

  7. ic3 Que3n Says:

    okies. I’ll get our CEO, Mr SoGua to coordinate on the time and date ya

  8. SoGua Says:

    ok lets go! actually my office quite near to this restaurant. so when u all wan to go?

  9. grace Says:

    one of the weekends la … beginning of the month preferable … (cz end of the month no $$ … u know la … ) haha

  10. hara Says:

    I hope the guys at SecretReceipe will read this and improve…….
    Here’s my 2 cts worth……………
    I just ate a brownie from SC and what a disaster it has become from what it used to be…….how can you substitue walnuts for peanuts and line the bottom of the brownie?
    The quality that we enjoyed previously is no more there…..
    Rest assured I wont be buying it anymore!

  11. Seekh Kabab Says:

    Food was very good. Curry was delicious and creamy, for mild spice the vegetable biriyani was a bit hot but not intollerable. Service was very good as well. Naan was not spectacular at all though. Cozy atmosphere

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