Teochew Porridge


Teochew-style porridge (we called it “moey” in teochew) is quite different from Cantonese-style congee. The latter is cooked till the grains are extremely soft and disintegrated. Whereas, teochew porridge has less watery effect when compared. When cook, the rice grains are still whole.

Some Teochew “Moey” requisites:

1. Avoid using too much water to cook the rice. Ideally, the rice water should be slightly sticky and cloudy, so that you can still taste the faint sweetness of the starch. If you use too much water, the rice water will be diluted.

2. On the other hand, if you use too little water, the porridge will be very thick and heavy. This is worse than over-diluted rice water. One distinctive feature of eating Teochew porridge is slurping on the hot and comforting rice water. It really quenches your thirst as you eat, and makes your food so much easier to go down.

3. The grains, when cooked, should retain their shape. At the same time, they should be soft, yet yield a faint chewiness to the bite.

4. Teochew porridge is best eaten immediately, and scalding hot. When left to steep for too long.

Teochew Porridge

In the olden days, when one mentioned ’bout teochew porridge, side dishes like pickled lettuce, salted duck egg and salt fish will automatically come to mind. However, as days passed by, businessman tend to “broaden their horizon” and has added a variety of other dishes to go with it. You’ll get what i mean if u visit this Peng Hwa Teochew Porridge shop which is located along Old Klang Road.


Minced Pork & Salt FIsh Ball (This is the side dish i like most, it’s crispy when they served hot right after deep frying)

Duck Drumstick

Black Kicap Pork


How to get there:
–>If u’re coming from OUG direction, The shop is right opposite the BP petrol station and Prima Plaza. It’s also b4 the Kuchai Lama exit.
–>If u’re coming from KL direction, u have to make a U-turn at the OUG exit traffic light then the shops is just like 100-150m on ur left.

** Parking is a prob during lunch time, but not at night

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  1. kevin Says:

    Thanks for the post. Just to let you know, I found a website, http://www.tcfaces.com for those Teochew people abroad that want to meet and unite with other Teochew.

  2. Kym Says:

    Kevin, I think Gaginang is more of a major Teochew website.

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