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If you would like to enjoy a good lunch with a little bit of money in your pocket, Don Sushi is the place to be. My personal favourite lunchtime especially in the beginning and the end of the month where you just feel like splurging a little, it provides a good atmosphere with friendly staff to greet you when you arrive or pay the bills.

Don sushi offers a variety of sushi’s at an affordable price along with various types of udon & ramen dishes as well. The prices may seem a little more dear than the local Sushi King but its value for money. Therefore, their serving portion is slightly larger than the rest. Definately worth the price that you are paying for!

One particular thing I’m really curious is that all the rice dishes here ends with the Don word. Maybe its due to its outlet name. Hm…

Tuna Sushi

Consists of tuna & rice wrapped in seaweed

Teriyaki Don

Chicken fried in teriyaki sauce along with slices of fried egg served with rice

NabeYaki Udon

Delicious deep fried prawn with an egg, minced chicken, udon, vege & fish paste

Hotate Sushi

Some sort of sweet tofu with squid and rice. It has a sweet kind of sauce which makes it mouth watering

One more “must try” dish would be its spider roll, consisting softshell crab and some other sushi roll ingredients. I did not take the picture down though because my colleague ate it before I manage to get a good shot of the roll.

IceQueen’s Rating:-
Environment: 8 /10
Food Quality: 8 / 10
Price Affordability: 7 / 10
Overall: 8/ 10

* Location: Carrefour Subang Jaya & JB, Taman Sentosa JB, Taman Pelangi, JB & Taman Perling, JB.
* Price Range: Green tea drinks are on the house whereas the food can range from a modest RM1.90 to whopping RM30.00 if you choose the set meals
* Restaurant: Don Sushi
* State: KL & JB (its even available in Singapore at Tanglin Mall & Raffles Boulevard
* Tel : 03 – 5621 7587 or Fax : 03 – 5621 7853

P/s : This food review is done at the Carrefour Subang Jaya outlet.

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13 Responses to “Don Sushi”

  1. chengsim Says:

    oh. at carrefour only ar? so near!
    im a Japanese food lover so i’ll definitely put this in my list =)
    teriyaki don looks delicious! *drool*

  2. ic3 Que3n Says:

    chengsim, near your house? Serious? And you haven’t tried Don’s? Must go ler.

  3. boo_licious Says:

    Thanks for the suggestion. It’s near my place too so I always see it whenever we go grocery shopping at Carrefour.

  4. ic3 Que3n Says:

    boo_licious, no probs. its a nice place to stop by and have some sushi if you are tired of shopping

  5. baby j Says:

    i’like it many much…..every monthgot veriety promotion….
    u ppl should go there!!

  6. tony Says:

    it’s a very good place for sushi

  7. tony Says:

    every weekday hv a low price for the set lunch@set dinner….

  8. chris Says:

    there hv many choice for sushi..i like go there take my lunch
    cos got a low price set lunch

  9. angel Says:

    ya…i hv go there b4….da food there is very nice n tasty especially da chicken terriyaki don. so cheng….

  10. Jacky Says:

    Where the Don Sushi restaurant NOW? No more at Subang Carrefour already! Shit… i join the member and paid for RM10, but then just GONE like that… SHIT…. ^&@*#^(@$^@(!(*

  11. Sudha Says:

    Too bad,they have closed down in carrefour…miss it so much……..

  12. Delma Lorenzana Says:

    You post informative articles. thanks!

  13. Myra Says:

    i’m a Japanese food lovers (sushi of course!) i just want to know,Don sushi restaurant is a halal restaurant or not? FYI, i’m a muslim and i love to eat Japanese food. Too bad, because so many Japanese restaurant in jb, they are not provide halal food for muslim costumer.TY!

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