Wan Tan Mee


This is the place to be for a springy, beautiful texture and slightly crunchy wan tan noodles ! That’s what makes this place special and always thronged by a big big crowd. On sunday evening, u can see ppl flocking to it! However, one thing lucky is their servie is fast and that cut down the waiting time.

I’m not an avid fan for wan tan mee, but i find that the noodle are really nice and a bit bouncy as what they are famous for. Besides, their char siew are superb. But wan tan is so so only.

Anyhow, this place is a little bit difficult for parking coz it’s beside a busy road, Jalan Sg Besi. It’s somewhere opposite (not directly opposite) the SG Besi old airport. If u know about the Nichii Fashion House and Volvo showroom is Jalan Sg Besi, this stall is juz slightly further down from this two shops.

Fried Pork Wan Tan Mee

Wan Tan Soup

Stall View

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4 Responses to “Wan Tan Mee”

  1. donkey Says:

    ya i love the mplace but u should not forget to highlight the chillies when i try it last year with my friend the mee is ok but the chillies is great n its in a big bottle ….wish i can have that at jb …

  2. Dinosaur Says:

    eh.. y your pictures like eat half way only take photos?

  3. grace Says:

    huh? it’s that small plate one ler…not i eat half way … haha …. sorry for the shot, know it’s not a good one :>

  4. grace Says:

    hi susan, thankz for your compliment… would try to include recipe if we can :> but most of the time, the stall owner won’t allow to reveal theirs …

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