I’m sure you guys are very familliar with this the name “Kei Tak Shek” a.k.a KTZ !!

Mango Lolo

It’s one of the dessert shop that served the best “Lo Lo” – it is an ice mountain that is splashed with fruit flavour syrups and topping with fruit … What i like most from here are “Mango Lolo” and the “Honey Dew Lolo” !
Though the price is not cheap however, the chilling feel and the satisfaction of eating certainly outweigh the price! The mango and honey dew is forever that sweet! Just wondering how are they able to maintain the sweet sweet taste!

Other than this, they do serve “tong sui” like red bean soup, blend peanut …. n so on … as well as some deep fry snacks …

As far as i know, they have a branck in SS2 and another one in Plaza OUG (a level belowe HALO cafe). FYI, these two places are actually quite hard to get a parking place.

Other than KTZ, Lolo can be get in places like night markets …

Honey Dew Lolo

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2 Responses to “DessertSSsss”

  1. boo_licious Says:

    I’ve only eaten their peanut tong sui which was pretty good.

  2. grace Says:

    i nv try the peanut tong sui, how was it?

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