Midvalley Oasis Food Court


Located in the 2nd floor of midvalley, Oasis is the place where the famous IKAN BAKAR (Grilled fish) and tantalising PAN MEE is located!

For those who are craving spicy yet well-grilled ikan bakar, this is a good place to try … during lunch and dinner hour, you can see long queue in the stall waiting for their orders to be served! They have a variety of seafood to be choose from, like sotong (squid) and ikan pari!

Grilled Ikan Pari

The Pan Mee as well is not bad! But compared to one that i have in taman muda, ampang, i would prefer the latter which has more crunchy ikan bilis and also sweeter soup! However, the home made noodle in this midvalley stall is very smooth …

Pan Mee

Lime Sambal Chilli

Pan Mee Stall view

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10 Responses to “Midvalley Oasis Food Court”

  1. Saygore Says:

    aha, MV food court ban mee stall is one of the best in town. do you know they serve fried ban mee here?? taste good, my favorite order.

  2. Jeffrey Low Says:

    That Pan Mee is OK for me but over there at the Food Court you went! There is this stall called Portugese Grill Fish (Sotong + Stingray) GOOD! and also there is this stall at the first direct opposite Portugese Grill Fish stall there is this (Sing Chow Mai + Kai + Tan) Lagi Best!

  3. grace Says:

    I never ty the Sing Choe Mai … thankz for the info … shall try in soon …

  4. Darryl Says:

    Yea the grill fish stall are great but we need to wait for quite some time if u go during lunch time or dinner time. i think if you guys want to eat better go there earlier before lunch / dinner or after the usual lunch / dinner time

  5. rokh Says:

    the grill fish had always been my favourite!

  6. Denise Says:

    hmm, i nvr reli liked the place coz of the smell..too many smells mixing together can be a quite a turn off, so i never gave it a try. perhaps i will, someday..hehe. food looks ok tho

  7. grace Says:

    hi denise, probably u can tapao! :>

  8. boo_licious Says:

    Thanks for the tip, will give the grilled fish a try as it looks good.

  9. Tak Tahhu Says:

    Hey, there is also new stall opened there called OEA Italian cuisine, it really serves very delicious dishes, specially the pasta and Pizza, also the BBQ is no exception,,,, hummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, very delicious, hay guys, go and try it, don’t miss the chance….. 😉

  10. dharren Says:

    guys i heard a premium burger stall will be open in 1st december, cant wait!!!

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